What: The documentary programme showcase
October    exact date
2 days
Number of delegates: 1000 participants from 386 companies & 61 countries.           

Event Profile:      

A relaxed two-day event in the lead-up to MIPTV GLOBAL CITY is a new forum bringing together urban decision-makers from the public, private sector to explore the complex issues affecting city development, exchange concepts of best practices in conferences & meetings.                                                                      

Reasons for attending:

An opportunity for programme producers, distributors to make their products available for screening on demand. Screen the widest possible choice of frontier documentary programming. Pick up the latest formats, documentary themes. Meet buyers, sellers, producers & distributors of non-fiction content. On site there are back-to-back screenings & meetings. Discover new approaches to urban management Learn about an unparalleled range of existing urban strategies & proven solutions. Use the forum to discuss emerging issues facing cities. Raise your profile with the people who matter. Get to see exactly what is happening on a worldwide basis - meet the people with the answers to your questions. From financing, distribution, scheduling, merchandising issues to specific market profiles, you will be able to identify & track changing market trends           


An opportunity for programme buyers to view pre-select documentaries ahead of the content market, analyse experiences, methods, innovative projects focusing on key issues: Developing the economic potential of a territory, improving the quality of the urban environment, managing transport & movement in the city, defining the consequent development strategies. Categories screened last year: Current Affairs, History/Ethnology, Discoveries, Science, Knowledge, Arts/Music/Culture, Adventure, Lifestyle, Personal Viewpoint, Docu-Soap. As well as bringing you face-to-face with the industry's key players, MIPDOC offers you an exciting conference programme.                                                                

Type of Businesses

325 buyers and 165 sellers, 1000 participants from 386 companies & 61 countries. Elected representatives, local authority officers, local development agencies, planners, architects, urban designers, European, national & regional institutions, City networks, Experts, consultants, academics Local & international urban service & solution providers, economic players, civic societies, associations, etc.                                                                

List of Participants:

10 Francs, AB Groupe, AFP, Alex Berkley, Indigo, Televisual, TG4, TVF International, TVIP &VSI Enterprises     

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